Saturday 14 December 2013

St. Kilda - the famous Melbourne beach

To me there's nothing better in this world than laying on the beach, working on my suntan and listening to the waves and seagulls. 
Whenever I travel I tend to spend quite a lot of my time soaking up the sun rays. That's why I couldn't miss going to the famous St. Kilda beach in Melbourne. 

St Kilda is located 6 km from the city centre. Its golden sand stretches for around 700 meters from St. Kilda Marina to St. Kilda Harbour.

Since the late 1960s the beach was a hub for artists, musicians, LGBT community and techno scene. It had a really bohemian character, which nowadays is slowly disappearing making space for more sophisticated crowd.
The beach is frequented by everyone from teenagers, through families to the older generation, who want to work on their suntan, swim in the ocean, or go for a long walk. It can get a little crowded during the weekend, but the part closer to the Harbour has more space and is quieter.

Sunday in St. Kilda 

The beach is one of the most popular hang outs in the city. People go for a run here, skateboard, eat out, or just sit on the beach, or the grass and chill out.

The beach is lined up with bars and restaurants 

The green area of the beach is also full of people 

St Kilda is great for cycling, skateboarding and walking 

There are a couple of famous spots around St Kilda. One of them is the Luna Park with its beautiful, crazy entrance gate.

Luna Park gate 

The St Kilda Pier divides the beach into two parts. It is a great spot for a walk, fishing or jumping straight into the ocean on a hot day.
The views from the Pier are absolutely breathtaking.

The view from the Pier 

The view from the Pier 

The Pier was built in 1850s and was there to help the traders in unloading timber.
In 1905 St Kilda Pavilion was built, turning the Pier into a recreational spot in St. Kilda, where you could eat and admire the views.

The building was destroyed by arson attack in 2003 and then rebuilt after a massive public support.

Behind the Pavilion there is a little area where you can feed birds and watch the famous little penguins at sunset.

St. Kilda Pavilion 

And talking of which - the sunsets in St. Kilda are absolutely beautiful. At the end of a hot day the sky changes colour from purple to orange, red and violet. It is worth waiting a couple of hours just to see it.

The sunset over St. Kilda 

St. Kilda Pier at sunset 

St. Kilda Pier at sunset 

St. Kilda Pier at sunset 

St. Kilda Pier at sunset 
And after a hot day and lots f walking go to the famous Esplanade Hotel for a refreshing cider or lager. During weekends there have live performances from the local bands, most of the concerts are for free.

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  1. Oh my gosh Phoenix and I should pack our bags and come down there now! That looks so WARM and inviting, Jo!