The Blond in press and other media

So far I have been writing mostly in Polish. My next challenge and dream is to be able to publish some of my texts on English websites.

In English:

Asia Rooms - Hiking with the Hmongs

Interview for the Almost Fearless Backpackers

Dans Le Noir? - press reviews

On Women Travel Blog - about women traveling without their men

On Travel Dudes:

On Life as a Butterfly Blog:

In Polish:

Goniec Polski - the biggest magazine for Polish people in the UK:

A guide to Brick Lane:,brick-lane-egzotyczne-targowisko-w-zachodnim-londynie/

About Leba - a small coastal town in Poland:,wakacje-w-polsce-moze-do-leby/

About Salvador Dali's home:,z-wizyta-w-domu-salwadora-dalego/

Gazeta Kaszubska:

An interview with Saraswati, a yoga teacher:

About my trip to Thailand:

About travels and traveling:

My memories from Leba

If you would like me to write a guest post or a feature for your website, please contact me on:

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