Tuesday 1 October 2013

The Blond confessions: 5 things I will miss about London

The countdown is on. I have 5 weeks left – just over a month. The thought of going away fills me with joy, but also dread, because I will miss this bloody city. I hated it for so long and now I want to stay here longer. I will miss so many things about it. Here is a list of just a couple of things I will long for when I’m away.

1.     Meeting people
Mostly I met people here through work, or when I lived with others. From my experience, British are polite, smiling and really great people. You just need to get through their shell.
I will miss random conversations I have, while traveling on the tube, or sitting in a bar. I will miss crazy strangers and normal looking citizens.

2.     Entertainment
Yes, I will miss my weekly visits to my favourite bar, but except that I will miss the affordable theatre tickets, cinema with latest releases, exhibits and free events.

Two of my top favourite places in London. (I would recommend these areas if you were looking for places to stay). There is nothing like walking around Brick Lane, looking out for some new graffiti, and then having some delicious street food.
St Dunstan is the place to go for me to just sit around and think. It is the most beautiful during Autumn.

4.     Nightime
I love London at night, especially Southbank and London Bridge. I will miss having a drink somewhere overlooking the river and then going for a walk, admiring the surroundings.

5.     Independence
It doesn’t mean that I will lose my independence and someone will keep me hostage, but I feel really empowered when walking the streets here and actually knowing where I’m going and how to get there. I sometimes think: ‘Ha! Look at me! I’m young, powerful and single woman just walking briskly and not just anywhere. I am in London – the greatest city on the planet’. I wonder if I will be able to think the same when I’m in Chiang Mai.


  1. This was such a fun post to read but also sad, Jo. I just sent this post to a co-worker who has been to London a few times and is sooooo in love with the city. I really liked how you described each specific thing you would miss and reading it makes it so enticing to want to travel there. That made me feel good that you felt safe walking there. Walking around Brick Lane would be a must for me especially with the street food! But, my favorite was the picture you painted of having a drink overlooking the river! :)

  2. London is a charming city! So where are you headed?

    1. It is! I love it here! You can see my plan for the trip here: http://blondtravels.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-big-trip-2013-plan.html