Friday 19 October 2012

The Blond moment: why you don't want me to book you your flight ticket?

My boss arrived at the Edinburgh airport an hour before his flight. He wanted to check in and then go for a quick dinner before the take off. It was 22:00 at night and he felt really tired after a whole day of meetings.
He walked up to the check in desk and handed the stewardess his flight confirmation.
She looked at the piece of paper, then at him, and then again at the paper.
-Sir - she said slowly - you can't get on this flight.
My boss was surprised.
-What do you mean I can't?
-Because your flight was yesterday...

Anyone else wants me to book them their travel?


  1. Brilliant, I love it! I hope you kept your job.

    1. Yes, I did :) But these things happen to me every now and then. Who knows, maybe one day they'll lose their patience with me.

  2. that was extremely irresponsible my dear! ;)