Wednesday 4 January 2012

No sex and a city

Because of my terrible cold and my wonderful new BT vision I am watching season 3 of the Sex and the City. This made me think why do I actually enjoy watching it? Why series like that are so popular with women. Is it because it's like a fairy tale, something to replace the magical stories with that we used to read as children? Is it because we imagine we are them?
But we are not! We don't look perfect all them time, we have normal jobs, we have husbands or boyfriends and, if we are not in a relationship, we don't go shopping for Jimmy Choos! These women on the screen give us a false idea about life. Have you noticed that they are never tired and always ALWAYS have apptite for sex?! Maybe the scenarios are written by men?
Anyway, I am going back to blowing my nose and watching 'Sex and the City' with my 6 inches re-growth, my nose red, wearing my £10 dressing gown and not feeling sexy at all! I am a woman after all!

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