Wednesday 13 November 2013

Wat Saket - Golden Mountain Temple

Wat Saket - Golden Mountain Temple stands on an artificial hill, overlooking the entire Bangkok. 

It's history dates back to Ayutthaya era and was renovated by the King Rama I in the 19 th century.

The climb to the mountain is easy and can be done by almost anyone.
The stair are surrounded by small waterfalls, trees and exotic plants, with hidden statues of Buddha and Indian gods.

The stair are wet and slippery, so be careful 

The climb is broken by a terrace with some traditional bells. Don't forget to ring 3 times for good luck.

Hidden treasures

The view from the top is really impressive and it's a great stop to watch the sunset - so I was told, but unfortunately the sky was a bit cloudy, so I didn't have a chance to admire it. Maybe you will be more lucky.

Bangkok skyline

The best solution for the rain

The Mountain is located in the Prom Prap Satru Phai. You can walk there from Kao San Road - it's around 30 minutes. If you feel a little lazy, take a taxi or a tuk tuk.


  1. That picture of the stairs is so wickedly awesome, Jo! I burst out laughing at the solution to the rain photo! :)

  2. Wat Saket! A definite must see here in the Big Mango... You might enjoy this little vid I made when I visited there 6 months ago or so...

    1. Thanks, Joko. I actually didn't know about the place and the tuk tuk driver offered to take me there. It was really worth it. It's an awesome place.