Tuesday 5 November 2013

New beginning

I would have never expected to be this hard to leave London, its people, its crowded streets and the bloody transport system.
I would have never expected that one day I will be sleeping on my friend's couch and miss having my own space.
I would have never expected that I will be so scared of going to another country.

This is what I've always wanted to do - get rid of all my possessions, pack my bag and leave the grey UK. And yet, here I am - scared and anxious, asking myself 'what the hell am I doing??' I am 32 years old, shouldn't I try to make something out of my career, look for another husband, make babies, grow old, save for my retirement...

Everyone says that I can always come back. I probably will...but I will come back with less money, without a job.
I'm really out of my comfort zone here and I really do hope that the magic happens here.

The flight is tomorrow. Today, I am saying good bye to 'the special one' and some other important people.
I promise myself I will not cry. I will face this situation like everything in my life.

This is the new beginning...

1 comment:

  1. That "....making babies....who wants to get drunk..." part was very funny! It's totally understandable for you to have the trepidation and anxiety you have, Jo! But, you are meant to be on this current path for a reason deep within you. Staying put and going the traditional life route works for some or maybe it's just complacency and a comfort zone. Yet, the growth from your upcoming experience is likely something they will have know in their life. Embrace this time, trust yourself and many good things will come to you. I know it :)