Monday 24 September 2012

The Blond discovers: Brighton in the sunshine

Everyone in the UK knows Brighton. It is an ultimate place for people watching. During the hot days the beach fills up with tourists and those hungry for sun.

You can rent a deck chair for only £2 a day and spend your time soaking up the sun.

The town is very busy during weekends, so it is worth leaving for the beach in the early morning.
(Remember that it is a pebble beach though!)

If you are bored with lazying out on the sun, you can wander around the streets of this lovely town. The Victorian style architecture is still kept in its original state and most of the buildings are made to suit the rest of the surroundings.
The lovely new pier (you can still see the skeleton of the old one, which burnt in the 70s) has an array of amusements, souvenirs shops, bars and restaurants. There are also roller coasters, which ride just over the water.

Just outside the pier you can take a ride on a small electric train, which will take you past the nudist beach to the very end of the promenade, which is less frequented by tourist.

If you're lucky and the day is really, really hot and sunny, stay in Brighton until the sunset. And here is the reason why it is worth your time:

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