Thursday 16 February 2012

10 things you can do to overcome holiday blues (Source:

1.Before you leave on holiday,book something fun to do within a few days of your return.
I.E. A trip to the theater, dinner with friends at a good restaurant,a writing class that you have always wanted to take but kept putting off.
The main thrust here is that you will have something to look forward to when you return from your vacation.Holidays can be used as a way in which change can be implemented into your life when you return.
2.Make friends with someone who shares your interest from the place that you have just visited,be it on the Internet or in person.If you find locals that you get along with,you can begin a correspondence.Letters,phone calls,and email messages can keep you going until your next visit.
3.Strive to create at least one thing that you allowed yourself when you were out of your normal routine.For instance if for 6 days in a row, you stretched in the pre-dawn hours and then watched the sunrise or you took up a small ritual of reading your favorite novelist every afternoon for an hour,then plan on continuing your new found enjoyment at home.It is not an easy feat but you can do it with determination and an affirming attitude.This type of thing can make your holiday extend into your everyday life,expanding your horizons and bringing the same or similar feelings of joy,relaxation and satisfaction that you had on your time away.
Often we do not let pleasure into our lives and we get used to being miserable in our day to day existence.Many people are unhappy with their lives but a lot of that is that these folks live with a pre-conceived condition that nothing can be done.
4.Understand that sadness or feeling "blue" is a natural reaction to leaving a place/person/or event which brought you to new heights of happiness.Know that these feelings will pass.
5.Begin planning for your next holiday, or plan out a weekend retreat.
The Internet affords us with prices,reviews of hotels and restaurants,tips and tricks for specific locales and more.
It is much easier to get out of the post holiday blues by being active towards the things that we want in our lives.
But if all else fails, and you cannot shake the post holiday blues,then change the life of someone who is not as fortunate as you.
Teach someone to read,help to build a new home,start a fund-raiser for any cause that makes you passionate.Share your travel experiences with someone who needs your companionship,such as an elderly person or someone who is immobile.You could give an hour of your time,and at the end of the hour, you will feel completely different.
Helping others, amazingly enough,is a sure fire way of feeling elated.It is a twofold win-win scenario.Place the focus on someone else less fortunate than you,and you will begin to feel grateful.You will feel useful. You will certainly not bemoan the fact that your holiday has ended.

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