Sunday 6 November 2011

Spexy Beast - new Alan Carr's show is great!

If you are looking for a good night out then new Alan Carr's show at the O2 would be the answer.
From what I've heard I know that not many English people like him. And yes, his voice is a bit annoying, he is very, very , very gay and his jokes might be sometimes rude, but if people don't find him funny then what all these people were doing at the O2 last night??? And everyone was laughing!
The break in between the acts I spent queueing up to the toilet (it's what you usually do during breaks in the O2) and heard many ladies saying that Alan was actually great!

Alan is in better shape than anytime before. He hasn't done stand ups in 4 years, he says, but you wouldn't know that if he didn't tell you. He was relaxed, despite the overwhelming number of people watching, chatted up with the audience and even joked at the way he sweated.

It was a good show! Few glasses of wine and a huge dinner afterwards completed my night out.

He's got another show today at the O2, so hurry up because tickets are still available!

Here's something from his previous show, Tooth Fairy:

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