Wednesday 9 November 2011

I use Facebook at work and I'm not ashamed of that

I get to work in the morning and have thousands ideas of what to do online during my working hours.
I go to ebay, check my mail a couple of times, go to different forums, write on deviant art and, of course, I use Facebook. In the meantime I also do my work. Don't you think that I am lazy or don't do anything at all. I am always on time with everything, I meet deadlines and look after my boss very well. I just don't think there's a point of pretending that you're actually busy if there's nothing to do!

Then it comes to lunch and sometimes I go out, but sometimes I just sit at my desk. And then I run out of things to do online.

Truth is that it is not as exciting using the internet during your lunch as it is during your working hours.

Here's something for those who think the same:

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