Thursday 26 September 2013

Blond confessions: Saying good-bye to Boss number 2

My first good - bye.

I felt a little sad when I thought about it yesterday morning. I have been with the Company for 2+ years and have shed a lot of tears because of stress and general culture of the Office.
Boss number 2 has been especially difficult. I have never in my life had a boss, who was so disorganized and had so many random ideas and requests. He's been rude to me, intimidated me, and my self esteem got lower and lower every day I got to spend with him. And yet, I lasted far longer than anyone of his PAs and I felt sad thinking that I would never see him again.

Yesterday was hectic: phone calls, meetings, more phone calls. He was leaving for a meeting outside of the office in the afternoon. He packed his bag, put the coat on and stormed out. He turned around asking one more question. 'Ok. I will see you....When will I see you?' he said, opening the front door, without even looking at me. 'You won't see me' I started laughing, despite my obvious annoyance.
He turned around rapidly. 'What? How come?' he asked. 'Well, you're not in tomorrow and then you're leaving the country for 2 months' I answered calmly. 'Really? I forgot about that. What's the day today?'
By that time I was openly laughing. So typical of him to forget about an upcoming trip. He was going to be out of the country for two months and he didn't realise that he was leaving in few days time. 'It's Wednesday, boss' I said.

I didn't expect fireworks, but a nice speech in front of the others would be nice. Has he forgotten how I organised his drawers and his dirty socks? Has he forgotten how I saved his ass when he travelled to a speaking engagement and got on a train to Liverpool, instead of Manchester? Has he forgotten how I retrieved his lost season ticket, worth hundreds of pounds? Yes, obviously he has.

Luckily for him, he came back later on that day and brought me a card and a voucher. He mumbled an incoherent thank you and went hiding in his office again.

Boss number 1 - I'm counting on a nice bunch of flowers! No pressure!

Here is a lesson for you, my dear readers: don't spend more than enough thinking, overanalyzing and stressing over your job. No money, no positions are worthy of your health and your tears. By the end of the day your boss will buy you a £25 John Lewis voucher, drop it on your desk, and will forget about you as soon as you're out of the building.

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  1. Oh my gosh that is terrible, Jo! I find it intolerable and inexcusable for a employer to not show appreciation for an employee. Especially an attentive, hard working one at that. And when you mentioned the rudeness and your lowering self-esteem that is when a boss has breached the line of being abusive. I couldn't agree with you more that life is too short for any income and/or stress to ever endure that. That is so awesome that you held your chin up high and now are moving onto more empowering life experiences! :)