Friday 13 September 2013

4 ways to get rid of your stuff before setting off on your travels

I have 6 weeks left. 6 weeks people!!! (read my itinerary here). It’s scary and exciting and overwhelming. 

Last week I got up and looked around my tiny flat. I still have so many things: clothes, accessories, books, photos, documents. I panicked a little. I really need to think of what I’m going to do with all this stuff. I keep putting the idea of sorting it out off. It might be that I’m too scared of the perspective of leaving. I have been enjoying myself a lot lately and I start to think that I don’t really want to go anywhere (that’s bull**, to be honest. I want to go. I’m just scared, that’s all). After thinking about it, I drew a little plan for myself and a list of what I could potentially do with my things. So, if anyone is preparing for a trip, like me, maybe you will also find it helpful. 

1.       Give it away There are a lot of charity shops in the UK. 

You pack your stuff in boxes or bags and drop it off to one of their shops. They sell it and all the profits go to the charity. They take almost anything and can also arrange a pick up for you, if you don’t have a car. You will not only get rid of all your stuff, but also feel that you made a small contribution to a good cause.   Ask your friends and family if they want a dress you hardly ever wear, or books you collected for some time. There’s always someone who likes to get nice things for free.   If you have a bigger backpack, you can take some things with you and give it away while you travel to people, who need shoes or books more than you do.  

2.       Sell it Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree 
It’s very easy to sell your things on these sites, and you can earn an extra money to spend during your break. You can also rent a small space on one of the street markets in your area and try to make money there.   

3.       Find a self-storage 
Rent a small space and put all your things there. This one is an ideal option for those, who plan to come back to their old life. You can find a self-storage online.
4.       Leave your things with family and friends 
This is what I’m planning to do with some of my clothes. I am planning to disappear for quite a while and I was considering getting rid of everything, but what if I decide to come back for a short holiday, or even forever, during winter? So, I am leaving a pair of trousers, some jumpers and a coat, just in case. I have a few friends who are willing to keep a large suitcase for me for the time being. I also sent a parcel to my mum with some more expensive stuff and things of sentimental value.   

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Do you have any other suggestions that I might find useful? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment!


  1. Jo, I like your options you offered here for being away for a long time. I wondered what I would do with my stuff. And as long as I was traveling domestically with Phoenix it would be no worry as I'm not attached to anything materially. But, going overseas wow what a different ballgame. Thank you for all the suggestions that I will need to use someday! :)

    1. We live in material world, unfortunately. Getting rid of all the things you have and collected for years is not easy, but also it's really liberating.

  2. Wow, thanks for the tips, Jo! It's always nice to know that there's people care enough to write and share these kinda things. I've been planning on having my life packed into one backpack. That's nearly impossible because i have so many stuffs (i think) i still need. It's so hard to let go.
    Anyway, hope you'll have a great time on your upcoming trip! Will gladly share some great place to hang or stay in Jakarta/Bali!

    1. Yttef, thank you for your comment.
      I would love to hang out in Bali if you have time!

    2. Yeah sorry, i wont be in Bali until January. Will give you some useful info, thou. Just let me know what you need to know.