Friday 30 August 2013

The Blond confessions - what is going on??

It seems like my life is busy as never before. I have been running around like crazy, not sleeping well, not eating well, not exercising....However, I have been enjoying this awesome and unpredictable ride. And here's what I've been up to.


-I have booked all my flights. I have even booked some of accommodation, mainly during my stay on Gili T. It didn't cost me much and I hope to find a nice female travel companion to share the bungalow with (I hope this doesn't sound creepy!).

-I started searching for hosts on couchsurfing. The best thing is that I found someone who could host me during the New Years Eve. It's a lovely family in Bangkok and the daddy is a DJ. By looking at his Facebook page I assume he knows a lot of nice and fun people, so I am looking forward to meeting them all.

-I did a little bit of research of what I want to do in Australia. I have few ideas for Melbourne, but haven't started planning Sydney. I am actually pretty laid back about it and will probably start later.


-I have been enjoying my last few months in London. I have been meeting my friends and it's been the best time ever. I will be very sad to leave.

-A few weeks ago I had a couchsurfer from Russia. She quickly became my friend, and we had a great weekend together. I have 2 more coming to stay with me in September and I hope they will be as great as lovely Helena.

-I went to SW4 music festival, which wasn't really good. I planned to update you guys on it, but decided that I can't be bothered with writing about a gig, where everyone (except me, of course) was high on amphetamine.

-My colleagues at work know that I'm leaving, so I've been really laid back about what I do at the moment. My motivation levels are really, really low.


-I tried the online dating and went on few dates. First one - boring, second - the guy was nice, but looked like an oversized 5 year old, third - really good with a guy, who had beautiful tattoos and rode a motorbike, which made him twice as attractive but....I think I met someone nicer, but I won't really write about it. It's my sweet, sweet secret.


-I don't have anything specific planned. I just want to enjoy London and my friends.

-I am going home for a week on Sunday and I am looking forward to spending time with my family and eating my mum's home cooked meals.

The most important thing is that: I AM HAPPY!!!!

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  1. Hi Jo! Great post! I had never heard of couch surfing before. That absolutely fascinates me and what a brilliant idea. And what a great way to get around the world for travelers. But, I bet you have to be very cautious...both, for where you stay and also for who you have stay with you. I absolutely love this journey you continue to go on with your life. It's captivating. And I like the last line in this post the most!! Stay the path of life right now, you're doing great! :)