Sunday 11 August 2013

The Blond confessions - my itinerary for the end of 2013

So, here it is! I've finally decided what I want to do and where I want to go. Well, not entirely, as I want to keep some space for the unexpected. I also have lots of questions for those of you, who have been to the places I am going to visit.

Starting from November, I am going to spend 2 weeks in Had Rin - yes, I know, I know. I have been there and some of you might think it's a terrible place, but to me it's a special one, with special people I met and, who I consider to be my friends.

Then, I'm going to Australia, to Melbourne (almost 2 weeks), Sydney (1 week) and then I am planning to do WOOFING at one of the farms, but I am also thinking of going further north for my last week, so I guess I will decide when I get there.

From Australia I will travel to Bali to spend two - three days in Kuta, then move to Gili T to party my ass off ( I already have accommodation booked there).
I will be spending Christmas at the White Lotus in Ubud to learn how to mediate and after 3 days I hope to see the city. I will have around 4 days left and I am not sure what to do. Any recommendations?

I hope to spend the New Year's Even in Bangkok, and then there will be a month of an intensive course at the SEE TEFL in Chaing Mai and (hopefully) work as a teacher in Thailand.

My questions:

-What do you recommend to see and do in Melbourne and Sydney? Do you know any places that are not mentioned in guide books?

-Have you done WOOFING? Is it worth doing?

-Do you have any other ideas what I could do in Australia, instead of WOOFING (the location can't be too far from Sydney)?

-What should I eat in Australia? Which national dishes do you like?

-What do you recommend for Bali? What should I do with the 4 days I am there?

I have been looking for some hosts for Bali and Bangkok on Couchsurfing, but hasn't got any replies back. Maybe you are on the Couchsurfing, or know someone who is - let me know, maybe you would be the lucky one who would host me. We could even spend the New Year together - that would be awesome!

You can see the full map here.

I am looking for all your lovely replies.


  1. Here are my Melbourne recommendations for any visitor - Melbourne For A Visitor
    Have fun....drop me a line when you are in our great city, and we could meet for a beer and one or 3 of the laneway bars!

    1. oh cool! Thank you so much. I will drop you a line. A beer with a fellow blogger would be a pleasure!

  2. in ubud you can stay in one of the guest house, maybe not next to monkey forrest or main street, a little bit further, they are cheaper. They are cheap, 10 $ per room for one person and it is also cool experience to see one of the unique houses in Bali.
    I can't remember the name of the one I stayed in, but it was beautful, new, cheap and with breakfast. I'll try to find the name.

    1. Cheers, my dear. I didn't know that you can actually stay in the centre for a good price. Would be great if you could send me the name of the hostel.

  3. What a great plan! You have it all figured out! I am also going to Australia after December, and plan to surf, WWOOF and volunteer through

    In Bali, I really liked Amed. It's the least touristy spot I found there, and loved the sparkling black beaches, snorkelling, and the clear starry sky (and I mean CLEAR!! no light pollution. Great for watching shooting stars) :) I was in Bali for only a week and to one of the package tours around the island (about 10-12 hrs). You might like it too?

    Hope you have lots of fun :)


    1. Thanks, Ni. I will need to check out Amed. I won't be staying in Bali for long so not sure how much I can see and do, but will try my best and see at least some of the island.

  4. I'm not terribly interested in Southeast Asia though your posts and writing definitely make it intriguing. But, I'm incredibly envious of your trip to Australia! A huge bucket list item of mine. Good for you, Jo! :)

  5. hmm.. Bali.. There's plenty of things you can do in four days. I opt for beach hoppin around the southern part of the island, paragliding at Timbis (a must try activity with such breathtaking views!), art, culinary & cultural trip in Ubud, and stroll around the touristy spot at kuta-legian-seminyak (for some reason, you could skip this and back doing yoga)..
    Keep posting and hope you have a memorable journey!

    1. OMG paragliding! I'm afraid of heights, but feel really adventurous. Need to look into it.

    2. Totally safe! You'll be flying with the guide, the one who teaches people how to fly, too. Just jump, sit back, relax, and enjoy its beauty! Whether it's a fly or no fly, you would still be amazed by the vista anyway. Worth all the effort. =))