Saturday 4 May 2013

Some photos from Myanmar

This post will close the Myanmar series. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm moving to tell you more about Laos.
Here you will see some of my favorite photos from the country, along with some stories, anecdotes and more information.

I arrived in Yangon and was shocked! The hostels were shabby, the streets were dirty and noisy and food not great. I didn't like it at first. However, the more I walked the streets of this amazing city, the more warm feelings I had for it. I wouldn't go there again, but it was a great  and a completely new experience.

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Nuns and monks are a common sight in Myanmar. Here some little nuns walking the street of Yangon.

Almost every street in Myanmar has its own market. Mind you, the smell is not the most wonderful ;)

Shwedagon Pagoda at night. It is worth to go there in the afternoon when the sun is still shining and stay until late evening.

Shwedagon Pagoda

I took a bus from Yangon to Inle Lake, which took around 12 hours. The weather was much better than in the city. It was sunny with a cool breeze from the water. Despite the gossips I heard that it was hard to find accommodation, I found it without any problems. During the few days there I cycled around the Lake, visited countless stupas and monasteries and took a boat tour. 

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Boats on the Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe

Burmese people are wonderful. They smile all the time and want to chat you up whenever they can. Here a lady  I met during one of my cycling trips. 

Inle Lake after sunrise. 

You don't need to be a great photographer to take some good photos. Inle Lake, weaving factory.

Inle Lake, weaving factory.

This one and the next one are two of my favorite shots!

Being bored during morning meditation.

Another bus took me to Mandalay. Despite horrible hostel I stayed in, the city had a charming vibe about it and it stole my heart. Busy during the day and very dark at night it was one of the most fascinating places I have been in Asia.
During my stay I visited the Moustache Brothers, went to see the marionette show and took a whole day trip around the city.

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Old temple, Inwa

Some amazing sights during the trip around Inwa.

Waiting for the boat to arrive; Inwa

The longest teak bridge in the world.

Sunset from the teak bridge. 

10 hours boat trip took me from Mandalay to Bagan, where after a long search I found my little hostel. I spent 5 days there, cycling around the ancient temples and went on a day trip to Mount Popa. I made some new friends there and lived through some magical moments.

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A great thing about the temples is that people live there normal lives and don't mind you if you take photos of their cows.


On the top of the world!

Market in Nyaung Oo, Bagan

Just before the sunset

Sunset in Bagan is one of the must things to do around the area

The country is magical. It is still rough, but there are places, which will take your breath away. The people don't have much, but they are friendly and curious about the world outside of their country's borders.
I know that Myanmar is the country which I will need to come back to one day.

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