Sunday 28 April 2013

Confessions of the Blond

Some of you have noticed that I came back in March and on my blog I am still in Myanmar (this makes me happy, because at least some of you are paying attention). My neglect doesn't come from laziness, it is caused by some recent events in my life and this is what's happening.

Going back from a trip of your life, from the sand, the sun and palm trees is never easy. It is even harder when you and your husband of 10 years decide to get a divorce.
Yes, my lovlies, after such a long time we need to say good - bye to each other. Unfortunately, our roads are going in different directions. For a bit I was shocked and sad. I went through a stage, which is normal for anyone who has just split up. I was in mourning. We went through a lot together. We came to the UK without much money, we struggled to settle in, we supported each other at every step of the way. And then...we started to drift apart. I'm not going to go into details. I will just tell you that sometimes when you have different priorities in life you just can't agree.

A split up after such a long time is never easy. You find yourself lonely and scared of the future, you can't imagine living by yourself, you can't even think about having someone else you could love in the same way. I've gone through all this, and I'm still finding hard to cope with every day life. But, you know what? I'm beginning to feel positive about the future. I know that whatever happens I will be fine and I will find my happiness. This is the time when I can make my own decision, when I can be selfish and don't care about anyone else, but me. I can finally make my dreams come true and can go away for a very long time, without feeling guilty. This is my time!

Writing gives me a little time for myself and distracts me from every day problems. Maybe now, I can spend more time doing what I love and develop my skills. Who knows what happens. I might become a famous writer, I might live in a remote village somewhere in Asia, or go to Australia and learn how to surf (the last one is the least possible, considering my physical abilities).

At the moment I am planning to go away again at the end of the year, work somewhere, meet other travelers and enjoy the time in the sun.
For the time being I promise I will update the blog as often as I can.

Have you gone through a really bad break up? What implications did it have on you? How did you cope? Make me feel better! Leave a comment!


  1. hey hi there, I've been wanting to visit your blog for so long and i decide everyday that i will today, but then something or the other comes up and it leaves me with very little time to come here and go through the tales of your beautiful and amazing adventures!
    Starting today, one day at a time, i will go through every article, every post, every word you've written here! Everything!

    so i just read this and as much as it breaks my heart to know the sad state of events, i'm happy that you're through with something that was only binding you within yourself. Your dreams, your desires, your ambitions, you happiness, your true self... you can't lose any of it, you're not supposed to and you mustn't ever. You love to travel, you love to explore, you love to meet new people, you love to write, this is what defines you and you shouldn't compromise on your identity if it only makes you guilty.

    i understand you guys have spent a lifetime together but like you said you started to develop priorities other than each other. Its very normal for people to drift apart for with time everything changes. Things change, situations change, circumstances change, perceptions change, needs change and PEOPLE CHANGE. don;t be sad by this change dear, take it in a positive way.

    sometimes things don't work our way,
    how hard may we wish, but somethings wont stay.
    no matter how scary the dark night may seem,
    there will always come a shining new day.

    i'm glad you're confident that you'll be fine and i'm sure you'll have much happier times now! you;ll soon get back into your traveling shoes and embark upon your endless journey to discover this world again the BLOND WAY!!
    Oh and you'll definitely be a famous writer, i told you i wanna be one myself, remember? and i even told you i'll co author my book with you, so i'm looking forward to that coming true someday in future now!

    Do what you love and love what you do sweetheart! go find your village or your heavenly abode, go find that destination that you can call your new home and find one in every city in this world. This is a new phase, a new life. Start a new book - LIFE Vol.2 and fill it with joy and happiness and no regrets and no boundations. Fill with your dreams, your ambitions and your adventures; fill it with what makes you YOU.
    Oh and you;ll definitely become a famous writer. I told you i wanna be one myself, remember? and i even told you i'll co author my book with you so i'm hoping for that to come true soon. So get ready to be a writer and with your contribution, i'm sure we'll be able to rake in some fame too ! :)

    There's so much for you out there. Go out and Go discover! The world beckons !
    Exciting times to you !!

  2. I'm sorry for the duplicate publishing of some lines. i don't now how that happened. Sorry again.