Tuesday 9 October 2012

The Blond is going away: which travel insurance is the best?

I think it is a high time to start looking for a decent travel insurance. Last time I took Virgin, which wasn't bad at all. I had a small accident and ended up paying around £60 out of £200, so didn't lose a great amount of money. However, this time I am going for much longer, so need to be more picky.

I checked out a few sites. As dates I put: 04 January to 29 March 2013. I put my date of birth and destination. I don't have a pre-existing medical condition and I don't need any extra insurance. I am also not taking an sports insurance.

Before reading on, you need to know one thing about me: if I want to buy something and I can't find relevant information quickly, I get really frustrated and drop it straight away, so that's why you won't find much information for the companies that didn't state clearly how much their excess is and what exactly they insure - to me these are useless straight away!

So this is what I found (note: this is not an advert nor recommendation. I wasn't paid for this post. Just thought it would be useful to make a list):

Company: World Nomads
Website: www.worldnomads.com

Quote: £138.24

What is included:
-Cancellation of travel, accommodation for up to £5000
-Curtailment for up to £5000
-Medical emergencies for up to £3m; there is an excess of £500 - so not that great if you happen to have a minor injury
-Loss of travel documents for up to £600
-Baggage or personal belongings for up to £1,250
-Personal liability for up to £2m - if you rent a motorcycle/motorized vehicle you need to have an extra insurance
-Financial failure protection for up to £5000

A big plus for clearly stating all the details!

Company: American Express
Website: www.americanexpress.co.uk

Quote: £186.69

What is included:
Note: when getting a quote the website didn't state certain things e.g. the excess for the medical emergencies.  It is really hard to find it in the Ts&Cs and it seems like the excess is £50.
-Medical expenses - up to £10m
-Personal liability - up to £1m
-Baggage - up to £1,500
-Cancellation and curtailment - up to £3000

This is another great website!
If the excess is really £50 then this insurance is worth considering.

Company: Direct Line
Website: www.directline.com

Quote: £73.34

What is included;
Note: in order to get a quote you need to fill in a quick form with your personal details, including address and email (I wonder how long it will take them to start calling me and sending me junk mail). When you get the final number, it is not clear what the insurance covers and the only thing I could find was the information about the excess, which is £75.

Company: Compare the Market
Website: www.comparethemarket.com

Quote: the prices start from £60.49. The cheapest was a company called OUL Direct.
Compare the Market has clear lists of what you are paying for - which is a great advantage for impatient people like me.

Company: Aviva
Website: www.aviva.co.uk

Quote: £151.32

What is included:
Note: again, I had to fill in my details...
-Baggage - no information regarding the amount, but it lets you choose this as an option
-There is also no information about the excess

Company: Bupa
Website: www.bupa.co.uk

Quote: £171.95

What is included:
-Medical emergencies - unlimited, excess £50
-Cancellation or cutting short the trip - for up to £3000, £50 excess
-Baggage - for up to £1500, £50 excess
-Included in the price is a health screen at one of the Bupa centres

I was impressed by the site and how quick it was to get a quote. The insurance seems really good, with only £50 excess and a health screen. Worth considering.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment!

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