Sunday 18 March 2012

Work, work, work and more work

The other day I was sitting at work and tried really hard not to cry. I felt like I was wasting my life. There is a wonderful world out there, waiting for me to discover it, and I need to sit at this bloody desk and listen to my boss's bullshit.
I am aware that most of the people hate their jobs and I'm not the only one who's suffering, but how can you break out from the routine, from this grey crowd of sheep?

I feel insignificant, like a slave. Aren't we all slaves? Getting up at a break of dawn, sleepy and tired taking the same train every single day, doing the same stuff from 9 to 5....Don't you feel it is unfair that during your morning commute you need to stress yourself about traffic and crowded public transport? We work so hard, why can't we just have a little bit of comfort in our professional lives?

And then you finish work, so you either relax in front of a tv or go for a drink. And you feel lucky because someone there gave you these precious 4-5 hours to yourself and you think you can do whatever with it. But can you? Think about it!
And everyone else is saying that this is how it supposed to be, this is normal and you need to put up with it.

The problem is that everything in this world is controlled by money. You are fed with adverts, which tell you that if you buy this cream you will look younger, if you buy this fridge your food will look more delicious, if you buy this perfume you will be more attractive. You are told that the only goal in life is to work and then buy a house, which you are going to have to pay off during the next 25 years, which equals worries and more hard work. And finally when you don't have to work anymore, you paid off your morgage, you feel too old or too tired and sick to do anything else rather than stay in your armchair and watch more tv which washes your brain.

If you think that you don't live like that because you don't have a tv, or live in a forest without electricity and think about yourself as non-conformist, then think again. At the end of the day you will also need money.

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