Monday 2 January 2012

New Year new me...maybe...

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great time.

I must say the party at the Proud Cabaret was awsome!

The venue can take your breath away. It is a small restaurant-theatre, but you can really feel like you have just time travelled.

The food was amazing. Although the service was slow and sometimes a little rude (but only sometimes).
I like the fact that the whole dinner and the party was mixed with the cabaret show. It made the waiting for the midnight shorter and much nicer.
We stayed until 2:30 which is quite extrodinary for my 30-year body and mind. But then the reality of London transport system hit us hard. 1.5 to get back home....

It is my last day off before I get back to work. Even thinking about it makes me feel a bit tired. I wonder what awaits me there. How many emails, how many complaints that something is not right....ugh!

17 more days and I'm going to be on a plane to Thailand :) can't wait!!
I've decided to go back to my healthy routine: less chocolate, less cheese, less food and a bit more exercise. Not sure how I'm going to stick to the last one for the next 2 weeks. I don't have a gym membership yet (planning to get one when I come back) and exercising at home is so boring...and I'm not going to run outside, it's too cold and dark! But i have to!!! I really do! My belly is too huge now :)

You can do it, too:

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