Tuesday 18 October 2011


I hate hills! I hate the sound they make, I hate that they suffocate my feet and I hate the fact that I need to wear them. Surely they were invented by men. No women could be so cruel.
By the time I got home from work this afternoon my feet were screaming for help. I am so glad I'm in my slippers again.

I generally like being a woman. Although, I think that in one of my past lifes I used to be a man.
I like putting nice make up on, buying skirts and, even, have my monthly PMS. But then I think that women have to sacrifice so much: the career for the child care, the time watching their favourites soaps for home made dinners, and the freedom of kissing a stranger for having one man in their lifes.
Most of the times we are unfulfilled and stressed. We know that something is missing, but we can't put our finger on it. Most of us are frustrated, lost in this men's world. In order for them to see us we need to wear hills to work and silently suffer, we need to have our hair neatly done, our nails manicured and our breath fresh.
When we become mothers we need to look after our childern, cook, clean, wash, iron...and no one is going to pay us for this, no one has ever called this work. There will be no retirment, no benefits and no cash bonus. Hardly ever we will hear 'thank you'...

Anyway, I need to iron my shirt, do my nails and prepare my feet for another day of torture tomorrow. Becasue tomorrow is another day at the Corporation.

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