Wednesday 26 October 2011

Curosities of the London Underground

On my way to work today I spotted few things: first of all no one looks at each other. Everyone is either reading, sleeping or looking at the floor. Once my friend told me that, during a journey on the tube, her niece asked if all of these people were alive. It's so true that we all look a bit hellish, especially in the morning.
We don't really see each other, do we? Today I saw a girl in her pyjamas, napping on one of the seats. She wasn't homless. Her pjs were clean and neat. She only wore trainers and a thick jumper. She even had a proper pillow with her. No one (maybe, except me) paid any attention to her! No one even looked! On one hand it is worrying as we are losing the connection with each other. On the other hand in London you can be yourself and show off your true personality. I love this city for that!

And here are some amusing short films I found on youtube :)

And I love Rhianna for taking the tube before her gig at the O2:

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